Memorial Art

First Piece Heart

There is never a harder moment than the time we lose a loved one. Many people gain comfort from having a memorial as a lasting memory. A memorial can act as a focus for grief and is a tribute for family and friends to see and remember. Memorials take many different forms. Derek Collins captures and holds your memories in a tastefully produced original painting that is unique and personal, incorporating their ashes into the composition of his work.

Derek's technique is created by carefully blending resins, powders, pigment, liquids and textures. At this stage your loved one's ashes are added to the canvas. By setting the canvas alight in selected areas, Derek creates strong, emotive, thought-provoking pieces which are uniquely spectacular.


His unique and wonderful art can take on many forms from the genuine abstract of his "Lava" paintings or his take on the British landscape as well as his portraits. He incorporates many different materials into his work including glass, sand, barley and stones to name a few.

Derek is happy to discuss your personal needs, down to your preferred size, shape, colour and style of painting. A loved one may have had a favourite colour, flowers, scene or view. This can all be taken from photographs that can be supplied by you.

Rothesay Italy

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